Teach evolution, not creationism, Wales

The new draft Curriculum for Wales does not explicitly require the teaching about evolution before ages 14-15, and contains zero safeguards against teaching creationism as science. 

In September 2019, we organised an open letter, signed by almost 50 prominent scientists and science educators, urging the Welsh Government to follow the example set by England by banning the teaching of creationism as science and ensuring that all children are taught about evolution from primary school onwards.

Without an explicit ban on teaching creationism and other pseudoscientific theories as evidence-based, such teaching may begin to creep into the Welsh school curriculum.

In 2011-14 we successfully brought about a definitive end to the teaching of creationism as an evidence-based theory in state-funded schools in England, and saw evolution added to the primary national curriculum for those aged 10-11. Now we need your help to do the same in Wales. Visit the Wales campaign page to find out more.

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